Guaranteed customised solutions

Apolo logística is a logistics and international transport company, working to provide an integrated service to meet all your transport needs. We are focussed on providing a customised solution to meet the requirements of your own particular production and/or supply chain, whilst always guaranteeing optimum results.

100% lifelong learning

The transport and logistics sectors are changing at a rapid pace. Being well aware of this situation and highly sensitive to these changes, much of our effort is dedicated to lifelong learning, both in the field of legislation and with regard to new technologies. We can therefore guarantee that our customers and collaborators are offered all types of real time improvements.

Not a profession but a way of life

We consider our profession to be a way of life, so that we're at your entire disposal, ready to share all our knowledge with you, to support you and to study all your company's one-off or regular needs.

About us